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Mangle Board

Interesting to say the least is the Mangle Board or Mangletre.  Traditional uses are for household duties as a cold iron as well as a vow of love for another.  Young men were known to leave the mangle board on the door or porch of the young lady he wished to court.  If the lady accepted the board by taking it inside her home, the man knew she was interested in his courtship.  You can have fun with this board by using your artistic ability and painting or carving a fantastic design.


Following tradition, the handle is in the shape of a Norse horse. I have added cove and round-over details to the board and I provide a keyhole slot in the back for easy hanging.  Made with the finest grade of poplar hardwood and pre-sanded so you can enjoy finishing not sanding.


The overall dimensions are 5-1/4”w x 28-1/4”h x 5-1/8”d; the board is 7/8” thick.


Price: $37.95

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