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Duck Nutcracker
The duck profile handle and nut holder design cracks all types of nuts with ease - and you’ll have fun too! With the large shell/nut container and ease of operation, the mess stays in the box and not all over your table, couch or lap. With you in mind, I've added clear bumpers to the Nutcracker bottom for furniture protection and hand rubbed the oil finish to a high gloss shine. The finished color is a natural wood tone with a rich golden glow.


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Dust Pan
Cleaning is not at the top of anyone’s list of favorite projects but you can now add it to yours with this dustpan.  Take time off and let your artistic mind settle into the design as you relax and finish this piece.


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Dutch Shoe

Wood is one of nature’s valuable gifts and usually used for furniture.  Many don’t know that it was also used to keep feet stylish in the Sedestal area of Norway. During Christmas time shoes from Norway were decorated with colorful designs and used as containers for children’s candy or sweets.  This shoe is designed as a tapered candle holder and with your favorite painted design it would make an attractive decoration to any holiday occasion.

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European Flower Mirror/Picture Frame
Multi-purpose frame ­— use as a mirror frame or a picture frame for that someone special in your life.  With mortise and tenon construction you can rest assured your purchase will last along time.


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European Flower Tray - 16"

Are you one that likes to entertain and present your loved ones and guests with the best?  Here is another one of my tray’s that will fit the bill.  Large comfortable stylish handles with an artistic appeal, ample room to present all your goodies but not so large that you have to worry.

The priority mail calculations for this product are incorrect. Please do not select this method of shipping as the costs will be higher than stated. This is caused by the size of the package which requires a higher fee from USPS for Priority mail.  Please select an alternate method during checkout. If you need this item shipped by priority mail please contact me for the shipping costs. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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European Shelf Clock - Large
Do you or someone have a place for this attractive shelf clock?  This awesome clock is ready to finish and provides a unique medium to display your intricate designs. 


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Featured Artist

Gayle Oram, MDA,VGM


I am pleased to have this opportunity to introduce you to my fellow artist and friend, Gayle Oram. As an extremely talented artist and internationally recognized rosemaling painter, Gayle Oram recognizes and values top-notch work. For more than 4 years I’ve supplied high-quality wood products that Gayle uses as canvasses, selling them to art connoisseurs worldwide.

Collaborating with Gayle is rewardingly creative and I am proud that together we offer products that are a pleasure to own due to their craftsmanship, integrity and creativity. Please click the “details” link to become acquainted with Gayle and then click the “next” links to see her beautiful Norwegian Rosemaling designs and artistry.

Our unique products are perfect for giving as gifts for special occasions.

Thank-you for visiting,
Paul Brooks
Master Woodcrafter
Tomorrow’s Collectibles, LLC



Gayle and myself at the 2007 SDP Anaheim Convention.

Flower-n-Fish Bowl 10" - 5 Petal
This new bowl design is larger yet is keeping with the original theme. Why add another bowl you ask? I have had several requests a larger painting surface and a shallower bowl. I was able to maintain the original overall design and soft edges for the lip and rim area. And last but not least, I kept the original 5 petal hand carving for the overall theme.
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