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Classic Shelf
Every fine heirloom needs a place to be displayed...well here you go - a beautiful shelf with classic designs that will fit all your needs.  There is ample of room for you to embellish this piece with your own design so act now so you can get started.


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Coaster Sampler
Created as a way to display several different painting styles and colors, our coaster sampler will fulfill both function and beauty requirements for your project. The always needed furniture protector is recreated as art when painted and displayed on your wall.


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Corner Cabinet - Large

Being asked to construct this cabinet was extraordinary as this allowed me to add some artistic design and qualities while incorporating durable construction to last a life time.  A custom piece personalized by you will make an heirloom that will be cherished by all who admire your finishing touches.

Note: Due to package size, this item cannot be shipped via U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and can only be shipped via UPS.  Please do not choose USPS as a shipping method during checkout as we will be unable to fill your order until we contact you and alternate shipping is arranged. 


Corner Cabinet - Small

This corner cabinet is compact in size but bold in appearance and functionality.  You have one fixed interior shelf and one lower shelf to display your most valued treasures on.  This piece is also featured in Gayle Oram’s 2007 book, Rosemaling Styles, Study and Design.

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Covered Bowl
Graceful, yet bold in character, are just a few words to describe this beautiful covered bowl.  This bowl is awaiting your ideas and artistic touches and only you can exemplify the attractive little details that this bowl has to offer.
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Cream Carafe
The cream carafe not only has attractive lines and proportions but it makes a wonderful vessel as well.  Designed to be beautifully utilitarian, holding such items as butter, cottage cheese and sour cream tubs, this piece makes a sensational statement even to the most discerning eye.  It is also featured in Gayle Oram’s 2007 book, Rosemaling Styles, Study and Design.


Crown Clock - Large

This clock was designed to adorn the top of any doorway or maybe above that special window.  Are you ready to tackle this project by painting an amazing design, carving an outstanding idea or maybe just putting on a finishing stain?  A powerful statement will be made after you have finished this piece.

The priority mail calculations for this product are incorrect. Please do not select this method of shipping as the costs will be higher than stated. This is caused by the size of the package which requires a higher fee from USPS for Priority mail.  Please select an alternate method during checkout. If you need this item shipped by priority mail please contact me for the shipping costs. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Crown Spoon
An unfinished wooden spoon fit for a queen and even fit for a king. This handmade spoon features ample room for the decorative painter. As simple as that may sound, once decorated with your most ornate or a simple design, this spoon’s contoured back and carved bowl will look like royalty.
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