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Vest Nisse Spoon
Nisse was believed to take care of a farmer’s home and children and protect them from misfortune. This spoon is designed to please his eye with a carved bowl and shaped back that would fit comfortably in his hand.
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Victorian Clock - Miniature
The miniature Victorian clock is a traditional style that is comforting to the eye, yet still romantic to the heart.  There is enough room for your delicate design although if you need more space, there is a standard size available.


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Victorian Clock - Standard
With extra room for you apply your artistic talents while still maintaining the traditional style of the Victorian era this would be an excellent addition to your home. Keeping an eye for subtle details and taking the pre-finishing work out for you is something I focused on while creating the basic design of this quality item.


Face Color
White Roman
Ivory Roman
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Watch Box
This long narrow box has ample room to store and protect your watch or other keepsakes you want in one place. There is ample room for you to be grandiloquent with your design on the removable top and graceful edge designs.  Created with both square and round edges, this unusual box will be a great addition to a trousseau, vanity dresser or men’s valet table.
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Wooden Towel Rack

This is a wonderful piece to add to your decor and useful in many ways. The towel rack could be used in your kitchen, bath, even in your studio as all these locations would be a great place to display this piece. While sketching the design, I was trying to get a pattern that would inspire creativity in a new fresh way. I hope you like the beauty of this new design and that it will give you wonderful ideas for embellishing it with your artistic interpretations.


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Wooden Viking Napkin Holder
An old Norwegian ale bowl was my inspiration for this design.  I wanted to design a new utilitarian product – and a napkin holder seemed just the ticket!  I’m sure you could easily find an alternative use and apply your artistic talent to the finished 6-1/4” compartment of this product.


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Wooden Viking Ship Ornaments
Every Christmas tree needs to have these wonderful Viking Ship ornaments hanging from the limbs.  Not just for the holidays, these can also be used for year-round decorating, package tags or wall decorations. These ornaments are made of A-2 birch and sanded smooth so both sides are ready for painting.
Viking Nessy
Viking Dragon
Viking Ornament Pair
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