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Mini Trunk Box
You have a special memento, treasure or even a gift to give and you want to present it in a case just as extraordinary. Well wait no more; the Mini Trunk Box is now available to you! It is just the right size for that treasure and still has ample room for you to decorate and express your artistic talent. 
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Muffin Plate
This adorable plate stand has little subtle details that make you admire the quality and distinct charm of this piece.  I can envision so many uses to set off those precious items that we all collect.  Can you think of a use after you have applied the finish of your desire?


Necklace Display Board
Do you know someone with so many necklaces that they are stored in a pile or just thrown in a drawer? Is it you? This display may be the answer to your problem. First, embellish the Necklace Display with your design. Second, hang it in a location of your choosing. Third, use the thirteen separate pegs to display your jewelry necklaces with pride and no more tangles. Wow, how great is that?
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Nisse Spoon
Fanciful in design but soothing to the touch best describes the Nisse spoon.  Made of poplar and lightly carved to give distinction and character.  These spoons are featured in Gayle Oram’s new book, Rosemaling Styles, Study and Design.

Carved Left
Carved Right
Carved Both
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Nisse Telemark Tile

The reason I call this the Nisse Telemark tile is that hidden to a degree you will find an absolutely darling Nisse figure peering out of the design.  It will bring a smile to all that find this along with other creatures that blend into the Telemark style of Rosemaling.

Nisse Time Keeper Clock

Quality construction with a distinctive character describes this piece.  Used in conjunction with the Nisse spoons you’re sure to get praises for your inspired painting of this piece.

Face Color
White Roman
Ivory Roman
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Nordic Spoon
Nordic. The very name summons images of tough Vikings at sea. But even Vikings had to cook dinner. This spoon is designed to fit that need and please his eye – manly sized handle with a graceful carved bowl and shaped back that will fit comfortably in his hand.
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Norsk Catch-All
This was a fun piece to build and it keeps the purpose of the catch-all.  It was named “Norsk” because it reminded us of Norway’s early explorers.  The top curves have a resemblance to a helmet with horns protruding to the side, just above strong and powerful shoulders. 



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