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Angel Ornament
Angels on treasure boxes. Angels on walls. Angels on Christmas trees. Angels everywhere, decorated by you. These graceful wooden ornaments are ready for your imagination to take over and flourish. 
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Halo Angel Ornaments
Heart Ornament
A simple heart design painted with creativity and used as an appliqué or just alone could be a possibility. Using your imagination, you can create a unique idea to showcase your talent or even teach your children how to start their creative juices flowing.
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Mangle Board Ornament

Remember the day when you received your Mangle Board? Young men were known to leave a mangle board on the door or porch of the young lady he wished to court. I have made a miniature version so you can use it as an ornament. You can have fun with this board by using your artistic ability and painting or carving a fantastic design.

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Norwegian Doll Ornament
 These had carved doll ornaments are ready for your artistic interpretation of folk dress style. Sloping back notched hats, hands grasping a bouquet of flowers in front and in full traditional dress.

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Rose Ornament w/stem
The complexity and beauty of the rose flower is always one to cherish and now you can. Sum up your creative juices and paint one, a half dozen and even a dozen of these ornamental embellishments. Included with the rose cut-out is a stem that can be placed on the rose if you wish. Group them together and set up a stunning display of your talent.
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Santa Ornament
Christmas is coming and Santa is flying in with presents and treats. Designed with three adorable additions; a bear, a Christmas tree and a heart. This light-hearted theme has so much potential that I look forward to seeing the many ways the design will be interpreted. The small ornaments can be glued to the main body, could hang from a belt or could be used as separate ornaments on their own.
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Wooden Viking Ship Ornaments
Every Christmas tree needs to have these wonderful Viking Ship ornaments hanging from the limbs.  Not just for the holidays, these can also be used for year-round decorating, package tags or wall decorations. These ornaments are made of A-2 birch and sanded smooth so both sides are ready for painting.
Viking Nessy
Viking Dragon
Viking Ornament Pair
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