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The Bostcast has an interesting historical lore of being used as a container to hide combs or brushes inside.  Today this piece is used as a tissue dispenser and towel holder.  This unique piece can be finished by painting as you can see in Gayle Oram’s 2007 book, Rosemaling Styles, Study and Design or you could also carve an intricate design as well.


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Hand Towel Holder


Everybody needs a place to hang hand towels and this attractive piece would fit the bill.  With more than ample room for you to paint your favorite design/scene I can envision a group of these hanging on your wall displaying not only your talent but your favorite towels as well.


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Spindle Wall Towel Bar


 Impress your family, guests or friends with this artistic designed spindle towel bar. With the graceful edge design and ample room, now is the time to put those artistic thinking caps on.

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Wooden Towel Rack


This is a wonderful piece to add to your decor and useful in many ways. The towel rack could be used in your kitchen, bath, even in your studio as all these locations would be a great place to display this piece. While sketching the design, I was trying to get a pattern that would inspire creativity in a new fresh way. I hope you like the beauty of this new design and that it will give you wonderful ideas for embellishing it with your artistic interpretations.


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