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Dragon Tine - Mini
These little tines are a lot of fun to make and I bet that you will have just as much fun finishing this piece as I did making it. These are a contradiction of sorts –a dragon themed delicate tine designed for small treasures. So don’t hesitate any more - add one to your shopping cart today.
Tine Dragon Pair
Large Round Tine

What can be more fascinating than the Norwegian bentwood box, also known as the Tine - pronounced “Teen-Ah.”  There are many uses for these boxes such as, butter and cheese containers and even lunch boxes.  With these and so many other uses I bet you can come up with a unique idea that will make this an heirloom piece…so get started now!

Medium Round Tine

"Tine” is a Norwegian word with historical resonance, describing a bentwood box used in the 17th century and later for carrying and storing food, primarily butter and cheese.  Maybe you have a unique idea as to the use or is there a special person in your thoughts that would love this piece?

Mini Tine

Keeping with the tradition of the tine as a place to store items, I designed this mini version as a treasure room for that very special something.  Have you got an idea of what special treasure you could house in there?  You know the wedding/anniversary season is always upon us and how special it would be to surprise that special someone with a beautifully embellished tine and the surprise that waits inside.

Small  Oval Tine
This oval tine has a Viking feeling with the ornate handle and horse head ends.  The Tine boxes were traditionally used to carry a day’s lunch or were used as storage containers. This piece is also featured in Gayle Oram’s 2007 book, Rosemaling Styles, Study and Design.



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