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Classic Shelf


Every fine heirloom needs a place to be displayed...well here you go - a beautiful shelf with classic designs that will fit all your needs.  There is ample of room for you to embellish this piece with your own design so act now so you can get started.


Price: $34.99
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European Shelf Clock - Large


Do you or someone have a place for this attractive shelf clock?  This awesome clock is ready to finish and provides a unique medium to display your intricate designs. 


Price: $125.00
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Nisse Time Keeper Clock


Quality construction with a distinctive character describes this piece.  Used in conjunction with the Nisse spoons you’re sure to get praises for your inspired painting of this piece.

Face Color
White Roman
Ivory Roman
Price: $59.00
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Spoon Shelf


After you’ve designed your spoons you should have a beautiful way to display them for all to enjoy.  Display these exciting pieces with my spoon shelf — there is enough room to display five spoons, all in different painting styles or matching styles, or however you have personalized your grouping.


Price: $23.50
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