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Necklace Display Board
Do you know someone with so many necklaces that they are stored in a pile or just thrown in a drawer? Is it you? This display may be the answer to your problem. First, embellish the Necklace Display with your design. Second, hang it in a location of your choosing. Third, use the thirteen separate pegs to display your jewelry necklaces with pride and no more tangles. Wow, how great is that?
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Oregon Clamshell

Inspired by Oregon nature and the new age of electronics, this clam shaped box is designed to look beautiful closed and even more awesome when open. This wonderful piece is available in your choice of a non-carved lid or a shell carved-lid (as pictured). The interior is hollowed out to an approximate depth of 1 inch of storage space.
I designed this through collaboration with a special artist client, who had a desire to house her Kindle® and cell phone in one place. We added electrical cutouts in the base and plenty of room for cooling air space, making it a snap to plug in and house the electrical gear.

Oregon Clam Shell Lid
Non Carved-Lid
Shell Carved-lid
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Round Cutting Board
 This round cutting board is the perfect size to transfer that inspired art design to and begin the painting process. There is ample room to show your artistic abilities and impress your friends and loved ones.

Ruler Depot
Are you always looking through your stack of templates, rulers and drawing tools? Well look no more...with the attractive Ruler Depot they are neatly organized and right in front of you. Spending more time being creative instead of searching for the right tool – priceless.
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Sampler Board - Large
The sampler board was designed to display the 18 styles of Rosemaling from the different regions of Norway.  You can see an example of how you could finish this board in the details section, or use the incredible area to make your powerful statement to show off your favorite style samples.


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Sampler Board - Small

These boards are a smaller version of the large sampler board.  You still have ample room to paint many Rosemaling styles or use your artistic imagination and use this as a different medium to express your unique abilities.

Scissors Holder
Are you always looking for your favorite pair of scissors?  Now you can house them with this valuable and attractive holder.  The average 8” pair will fit nicely into the holder that you have enhanced with your painting.


Spring Flower Box

A dresser box with a reflection of the colonial era seems to fit right in with a back to basics lifestyle. This piece is not pretentious with curly-cues, waves and needless fru fru. Instead it is the essence of beauty with its simple beaded profile and its raised panel lid.

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