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Dutch Shoe

Wood is one of nature’s valuable gifts and usually used for furniture.  Many don’t know that it was also used to keep feet stylish in the Sedestal area of Norway. During Christmas time shoes from Norway were decorated with colorful designs and used as containers for children’s candy or sweets.  This shoe is designed as a tapered candle holder and with your favorite painted design it would make an attractive decoration to any holiday occasion.

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Friendship Box
A friend is dear to us all and our wealth can be measured by the friends that are there when we need them the most. The friendship box is a great way of saying thank you for...and expressing the value you cherish.


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Lazy Susan - Artist Easel

Lazy-Susan easel platform with a non-slip surface, total of 4 adjustable platform positions including 3 angled settings, easy carrying handle, friction platform lock so you can easily position the turn table in place allowing you to work comfortably.

Letter Box
Letters, bills and correspondence items have a new place to gather when you paint this letter holder wall box and proudly hang it in your home or office. The large pocket area is sanded smooth and flat, giving you ample painting surface.
Letter Box - Compound
 Incoming or outgoing…doesn’t matter, make this wonderful piece into whatever your heart desires. This letter box was crafted using compound miter joints, scrolling edge designs and ample room to add your painting design.
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Mangle Board

Interesting to say the least is the Mangle Board or Mangletre.  Traditional uses are for household duties as a cold iron as well as a vow of love for another.  Young men were known to leave the mangle board on the door or porch of the young lady he wished to court.  If the lady accepted the board by taking it inside her home, the man knew she was interested in his courtship.  You can have fun with this board by using your artistic ability and painting or carving a fantastic design.

Mini Trunk Box
You have a special memento, treasure or even a gift to give and you want to present it in a case just as extraordinary. Well wait no more; the Mini Trunk Box is now available to you! It is just the right size for that treasure and still has ample room for you to decorate and express your artistic talent. 
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Muffin Plate
This adorable plate stand has little subtle details that make you admire the quality and distinct charm of this piece.  I can envision so many uses to set off those precious items that we all collect.  Can you think of a use after you have applied the finish of your desire?



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