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Crown Spoon
An unfinished wooden spoon fit for a queen and even fit for a king. This handmade spoon features ample room for the decorative painter. As simple as that may sound, once decorated with your most ornate or a simple design, this spoon’s contoured back and carved bowl will look like royalty.
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Nisse Spoon
Fanciful in design but soothing to the touch best describes the Nisse spoon.  Made of poplar and lightly carved to give distinction and character.  These spoons are featured in Gayle Oram’s new book, Rosemaling Styles, Study and Design.

Carved Left
Carved Right
Carved Both
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Nordic Spoon
Nordic. The very name summons images of tough Vikings at sea. But even Vikings had to cook dinner. This spoon is designed to fit that need and please his eye – manly sized handle with a graceful carved bowl and shaped back that will fit comfortably in his hand.
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Porridge Spoon
Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet eating her curds and whey. Oh! What good memories of the little ones with those adorable smiles and giggles as they listen to fairy tale stories. Imagine your design adoring this handmade carved spoon and how you can personalize the stories you tell your little ones.
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Spoon - Large
Third in my spoon series is the large wooden spoon. This is my largest spoon to date and I believe you’ll have ample room for painting.  Instead of the design being cut on a flat plane you will enjoy the curvature and interesting characteristics of these spoons.
Spoon - Medium
The medium spoon is the "in-between" size of my spoon series.  With so many wooden spoon styles and shapes, I’ve styled this spoon to be an exception to the rule.  Instead of the design being cut on a flat plane I've cut it so that you will enjoy the curvature and interesting characteristics of these spoons. 


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Spoon - Small

We all know that the wooden spoon comes in so many styles and shapes so I’ve constructed three attractive sizes, styled to be an exception to the rule.  This is the smallest spoon I make and it is delicately balanced with the design cut to allow curvature and interesting characteristics in the spoon area.

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Spoon Sampler Display
After completing the new carved spoons (as pictured) I decided there needed to be a way to display these as well. Whether you have a country cottage or urban chic interior, this display will be a great addition to any home.
Imagine as your spoons are displayed and others ask about the designs and maybe the history that inspired you to decorate each spoon differently. You may educate and inspire many, or even just one, to enjoy your craft as much as you do. Completing the spoon display board with your desired designs will assure you that you will have an heirloom that anyone would love to have.
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