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Nisse Telemark Tile

The reason I call this the Nisse Telemark tile is that hidden to a degree you will find an absolutely darling Nisse figure peering out of the design.  It will bring a smile to all that find this along with other creatures that blend into the Telemark style of Rosemaling.

Os Tile

In the Hordaland district of Norway you will find the Os style of Rosemaling.  You will see geometric and Telemark elements along with the older motifs represented on this attractive tile.

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Sonja Rose Blue Art Tile
Simple in nature but beautiful in design and simplicity would be appropriate words to describe this tile.  If you want a bright and colorful tile to add to your decor then this would be a good choice.  This tile is painted by Sonja Anderson in the Telemark Rosemaling style that orginated in Telemark, Norway.
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Trondelag Tile

Another beautiful painting portraying the Trondelag style of Rosemaling is well represented on this tile by Gayle Oram.  In the southern mountains of Trondelag, Norway there is a municipality called Oppdal and this is where this style of Rosemaling comes from.


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