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Flower-n-Fish Bowl 10" - 5 Petal
This new bowl design is larger yet is keeping with the original theme. Why add another bowl you ask? I have had several requests a larger painting surface and a shallower bowl. I was able to maintain the original overall design and soft edges for the lip and rim area. And last but not least, I kept the original 5 petal hand carving for the overall theme.
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Notch-n-C's Bowl
I can just picture the ale bowl in use and the fun times of laughter and good cheer that all had together.  Well I can’t provide the ale but I can provide the bowl and surely you will have a good time finishing this sensational project.


Troy Ale Pouring Bowl
I enjoy cutting the pattern and finishing the design for this pouring bowl.  It has become one of Gayle Oram’s favorites and she has featured it in her 2007 book, Rosemaling Styles, Study and Design.  Legend has it that this bowl is used to drink ale into the wee hours of the night by Vikings.  If your thoughts are leaning this way, use paints that are food safe!


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