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Alexandria Banner Clock
 Not every clock sits on a mantle or has a traditional shape. This clock is designed to meet the need for something new with its long narrow shape. I believe the surface will lend itself to many different painting themes and options. Please send me a photo of your finished project!
Face Color
White Roman
Ivory Arabic
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All Corked Up - Trivet Tray

 We adapted our trivet tray into a multiuse hot pad or wine cravat holder by finishing it with wine corks and a colored stain. You can buy this tray finished or unfinished with or without the corks. Trivet tray is so versatile with many uses, what do you have in mind?

Finished with-corks
Unfinished with-corks
Unfinished no corks
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Angel Ornament
Angels on treasure boxes. Angels on walls. Angels on Christmas trees. Angels everywhere, decorated by you. These graceful wooden ornaments are ready for your imagination to take over and flourish. 
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Antiquity Clock - Standard
Antiquity “Ancient History” by definition;  just imagine an early civilization home designed with a foundation, roomy living quarters and a stylish roof to keep out the weather and then topped with a fancy décor.
Face Color
White Roman
Ivory Roman
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Antiquity Lamp

This lamp is the cat’s meow. It is patterned after my popular Antiquity Clocks in a graceful style designed to enhance your brush strokes and patterns.  The main body of this lamp is flat with rounded edges and the mantle area has decorative edge routing.  I’ve included in the price everything but the lamp shade and of course, your imaginative painting.

Art Frame
This art frame and surface was requested by a client who wanted a large spectacular painting with wooden frame to hang above their fireplace. Her project was completed using a traditional Norwegian rosemaling design, although any painted picture would have been just as beautiful. The interior fascia is very smooth and completely sanded.
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Balloon Clock - Miniature
Oh to be a child again! Well here it is — a clock that resembles a bunch of balloons tethered together.  You can almost hear the carne shouting “Balloons for Sale” and the smells of the county fair.  Imagine what you will paint and the memories that will re-occur whenever you check the time on this clock.


Bead-n-Scallop Bowl

The Norwegian ale bowl has many styles and I decided to add another one to the mix.  I wanted to maintain a soft and delicate appearance using rounded and beaded edges to both the rim and outer edge of the handle.  Then using simple C’s and adding a small notched bead in the center of the scallop I feel I completed the magic of the ale bowl.

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