Sleigh - Large

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This would be a fun piece to paint while reminiscing about childhood memories and stories of horse-drawn sleigh rides.  I can hear the jingle bells now, I hope you can too. This piece was made with the highest grade of alder hardwood and the sleigh runners are detachable for shipment and storage.  The bed is large enough for a stuffed Santa, teddy bears or holiday treats.

If you’ve wanted to add a new item to your Christmas decorations this is it.  Or give it as a gift to your favorite friend or family member. Gayle Oram is developing a painting packet for this sleigh, or you can use your imagination to design your own.

The overall dimensions are 5-3/4” W x 17-1/2” L x 9-1/4” T.  


Price: $59.95
"If it's worth cutting a tree for, it's worth doing right!"    
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