Duck Nutcracker

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The duck profile handle and nut holder design cracks all types of nuts with ease - and you’ll have fun too! With the large shell/nut container and ease of operation, the mess stays in the box and not all over your table, couch or lap. With you in mind, I've added clear bumpers to the Nutcracker bottom for furniture protection and hand rubbed the oil finish to a high gloss shine. The finished color is a natural wood tone with a rich golden glow.


I've made the entire Nutcracker with heirloom quality in mind so you will have countless years of enjoyment to look forward to. Every Nutcracker is individually handmade and autographed with my trademarked logo. The Duck style Nutcracker is made of 3/4" solid red oak hardwood with black walnut hardwood accents.


This finely handcrafted nutcracker will make you or your gift recipient proud to display this piece. The high quality makes it a great conversation item and don't forget it can be very utilitarian as well.


The overall dimensions are 12-1/2" L x 6-3/4" W x 5-1/4" Tall.


Price: $46.50
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