Wooden Towel Rack

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This is a wonderful piece to add to your decor and useful in many ways. The towel rack could be used in your kitchen, bath, even in your studio as all these locations would be a great place to display this piece. While sketching the design, I was trying to get a pattern that would inspire creativity in a new fresh way. I hope you like the beauty of this new design and that it will give you wonderful ideas for embellishing it with your artistic interpretations. 

Don’t limit your use of the wooden towel rack just for towels; Use it to display doll clothes, embroidered items, dry herbs, necklaces...the possibilities are endless.

For the ease of painting and shipping, your towel rack arms have not been installed. Included are easy and complete instructions for the arm installation and the related hardware items. I’ve also included a template for mounting your towel rack to the wall as there are two keyhole slots, top and bottom. It is important that the wall mounting is plumb to ensure that this rack will be solid when the arms are full.

This piece was made with the finest grade of Poplar hardwoods including four ¾” birch rods measuring 14” -12” -10” and 8”. The overall dimensions are 13-1/4” x 16” x 2-1/4” excluding the rods when installed.

I have more ideas of products to develop utilizing this same pattern so keep coming back as I hope to have them in production and ready for you soon! 


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