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Dragon Tine - Mini Discounts Apply !
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Dragon Tine - Mini
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These little tines are a lot of fun to make and I bet that you will have just as much fun finishing this piece as I did making it. These are a contradiction of sorts –a dragon themed delicate tine designed for small treasures. So don’t hesitate any more - add one to your shopping cart today.

These tines are made of the finest grade of Poplar hardwoods and each lid is individually fitted to provide an effortless opening experience. You can choose from two different heights of the finished tine.

The overall dimensions are 4-7/8” L x 1-7/8" W x 3-1/4” H.
The overall dimensions are 4-7/8” L x 1-7/8" W x 2-7/8” H.

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Tine Dragon Pair
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Price: $19.50
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