Cream Carafe

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The cream carafe not only has attractive lines and proportions but it makes a wonderful vessel as well.  Designed to be beautifully utilitarian, holding such items as butter, cottage cheese and sour cream tubs, this piece makes a sensational statement even to the most discerning eye.  It is also featured in Gayle Oram’s 2007 book, Rosemaling Styles, Study and Design.


You can enjoy the marvel at applying your own finish or indulge yourself in painting a terrific design such as the one offered in Gayle’s new book.  Made of the finest grade of poplar and turned with care and sanded so you will be ready to start this project when it arrives.


The overall dimensions are 5-1/4” dia. x 7-1/2” tall


Gayle’s book can be purchased below and includes a suggested Rosemaling pattern and step by step painting instructions for the cream carafe.  


Price: $42.00

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