Cheval Clock - Standard

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This clock is designed in the “Cheval Mirror” style, which allows the clock face to be tilted for easier viewing.  This is an amazing piece to put your finishing touches to – whether you choose to paint it or finish it with a natural stain.

With so much to offer such as a wonderful detailed base and top rail, spindle style columns and lovely acorn finials, this piece was made with the finest grades of poplar and alder hardwoods.

With the Cheval Clock you have the choice of a round gold-tone beveled edge metal bezel quartz clock with White or Ivory Roman dials, at no extra cost, or a unique quartz oval shaped gold bezel clock with White Roman or White Arabic dial at a little extra cost.  Both styles have batteries included and a 3-year replacement warranty.

 The overall dimensions are 8-1/2”w x 11-3/4h x 3”d

Face Style
White Roman
Ivory Roman
Oval White Roman
Oval White Arabic
Price: $61.95
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