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Bowl 8-1/2" Step-Flat-Bead
Starting with a slight angled step, this bowl then allows ample room with a flat area of about 1-1/4” then finishes with a bead and angle directly to the bottom. The walls of this bowl are sturdy and you will enjoy the feeling you get when you hold it in your hand. There are angles, rounds and flat spaces designed to enhance your finished project.


Bowl Only
Bowl with Lid
Bowl 8-1/2" Step-Half-round-Groove
What do you call a bowl that starts with a small angled step then finishes with a long arc to the bottom?  We call it beautiful. To add dimension to the lower section of the bowl, a small groove design feature was added approximately one-third up from the bottom. This piece has character in a peaceful design.


Bowl Only
Bowl with Lid
Bowl Shallow 10" - Angle-Step
This wonderfully shallow bowl has an angled step to the start and finishes with a beautiful arc as the profile. You can create your painting design to feature this as a bowl, or you could feature it as a high side plate. Either way, you will like the feel of this piece and your project will be beautiful.


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Bracket Clock - Miniature
Simple in appearance yet full of the little details that add up to magic.  This style of clock will suit many types of tastes and once you apply your finishing touches a star will be born.


Ever had the feeling of…I know I left the car keys right there…yet you still can’t find them?  If so, or if you know someone like that, here you go…the Catch-all is a wonderful and practical way to keep your sanity and get organized at the same time.  Eureka!  Everything has a place and there is a place for everything.


Cheval Clock - Standard
This clock is designed in the “Cheval Mirror” style, which allows the clock face to be tilted for easier viewing.  This is an amazing piece to put your finishing touches to – whether you choose to paint it or finish it with a natural stain.
Face Style
White Roman
Ivory Roman
Oval White Roman
Oval White Arabic
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Chippendale Tray

Following the Chippendale style of “Proportions Broad but Delicate” and using the S and C designs, I feel this makes this tray extremely attractive.  You may want to grace this piece in a natural state or paint your favorite scene or style.  Only you can make the decision that will make this piece cherished for a long time to come.

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Clam Shell Box
Haven’t we all wanted to find the most amazing pearl in the clam shell?  Well I can’t promise you the pearl, but I can provide the vessel.  Put the most amazing finishing touches on this piece then say to your significant other “it seems to be missing something inside…”  Hopefully your excitement will be contagious and you will have your dreams come true.


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