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Telemark Tray

Have you ever wanted a beautiful serving tray to impress your guests or just to own one yourself?  Well don’t look any further as this tray has it all.  Fine detail is not only is found on the main body frame but the handle supports as well. The foot detail also has a comforting scroll detail and elevates the tray for an attractive appearance.

Tortoise Tray
Why is this piece named the Tortoise Tray, you ask? After completing the tray I brought it in to show the final wife...and after a thorough examination her face lights up and she says “it looks like a Tortoise.” After biting my lip and thinking...really...this is what you want to call it...I pondered for a quick moment and then wisely said, “oh dear, what a great name” and without further ado the name stuck. It really does resemble a tortoise don’t you think?

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Trivet Tray
This piece was originally designed as a trivet tray to protect your counters or table from hot dishes etc.  Then I thought that I could design this item for more than one use.  Check out the details page to see my ideas.
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