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Clam Shell Box
Haven’t we all wanted to find the most amazing pearl in the clam shell?  Well I can’t promise you the pearl, but I can provide the vessel.  Put the most amazing finishing touches on this piece then say to your significant other “it seems to be missing something inside…”  Hopefully your excitement will be contagious and you will have your dreams come true.


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Coaster Sampler
Created as a way to display several different painting styles and colors, our coaster sampler will fulfill both function and beauty requirements for your project. The always needed furniture protector is recreated as art when painted and displayed on your wall.


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Cream Carafe
The cream carafe not only has attractive lines and proportions but it makes a wonderful vessel as well.  Designed to be beautifully utilitarian, holding such items as butter, cottage cheese and sour cream tubs, this piece makes a sensational statement even to the most discerning eye.  It is also featured in Gayle Oram’s 2007 book, Rosemaling Styles, Study and Design.


Dala Horse Candle Holder
Simply designed our Dala Horse gives you the opportunity to paint a beautiful design to be lit by candlelight. Or elaborate on the traditional shape and custom carve it to look like the horse of your dreams. Design several and become a Dala wrangler!
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Door Escutcheon

Doors dressed-up make a statement to all who enter that the occupants inside appreciate beauty and tradition.  If you have ever wanted to dress up your door [around the door knob] then simply paint your favorite design or finish on my door escutcheon, and you will have succeeded.
The New Deadbolt Addition can be viewed in the Details page, photo #2

Single Door Knob
With Deadbolt Addition
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Double Barrel Flintlock Shotgun

I was asked to design a gun for a wooden solder nutcracker. This client was painting three for her children. She was making the nutcracker into a hunter theme. I felt this being an old style theme why not a flintlock. Even better make it double barreled.

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Dresser/Desk Box
“Where did I put that?” you ponder. Yes it happens to all of us: we can’t remember where we put things! Now you can now solve that mystery with our new Dresser Desk box; the item was put away where it belonged! This box has a hinged lid, open display area and is completely built in the USA.
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Dust Pan
Cleaning is not at the top of anyone’s list of favorite projects but you can now add it to yours with this dustpan.  Take time off and let your artistic mind settle into the design as you relax and finish this piece.


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