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Angel Ornament
Angels on treasure boxes. Angels on walls. Angels on Christmas trees. Angels everywhere, decorated by you. These graceful wooden ornaments are ready for your imagination to take over and flourish. 
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Corner Cabinet - Small

This corner cabinet is compact in size but bold in appearance and functionality.  You have one fixed interior shelf and one lower shelf to display your most valued treasures on.  This piece is also featured in Gayle Oram’s 2007 book, Rosemaling Styles, Study and Design.

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Dala Horse Candle Holder
Simply designed our Dala Horse gives you the opportunity to paint a beautiful design to be lit by candlelight. Or elaborate on the traditional shape and custom carve it to look like the horse of your dreams. Design several and become a Dala wrangler!
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Dragon Tine - Mini
These little tines are a lot of fun to make and I bet that you will have just as much fun finishing this piece as I did making it. These are a contradiction of sorts –a dragon themed delicate tine designed for small treasures. So don’t hesitate any more - add one to your shopping cart today.
Tine Dragon Pair
Halo Angel Ornaments
Louis XIV Clock
The Louis XIV era brought a new grandness of style to the expression of wealth and power. This small but powerful unfinished wooden clock meets all expectations of the French style of furniture; firm flowing curves offset with symmetrical straight lines and an opulent base line.
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Mangle Board Ornament

Remember the day when you received your Mangle Board? Young men were known to leave a mangle board on the door or porch of the young lady he wished to court. I have made a miniature version so you can use it as an ornament. You can have fun with this board by using your artistic ability and painting or carving a fantastic design.

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Spindle Wall Towel Bar
 Impress your family, guests or friends with this artistic designed spindle towel bar. With the graceful edge design and ample room, now is the time to put those artistic thinking caps on.

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