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I am pleased to have this opportunity to introduce you to my fellow artist and friend, Gayle Oram. As an extremely talented artist and internationally recognized rosemaling painter, Gayle Oram recognizes and values top-notch work. For more than 4 years I’ve supplied high-quality wood products that Gayle uses as canvasses, selling them to art connoisseurs worldwide.

Collaborating with Gayle is rewardingly creative and I am proud that together we offer products that are a pleasure to own due to their craftsmanship, integrity and creativity. Please click the “details” link to become acquainted with Gayle and then click the “next” links to see her beautiful Norwegian Rosemaling designs and artistry.

Our unique products are perfect for giving as gifts for special occasions.

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Gayle and myself at the 2007 SDP Anaheim Convention.

Gayle Oram's 2007 Book

This is a wonderfully illustrated and informative new book, Rosemaling Styles, Study and Design, by Gayle Oram.  This book meets the needs of beginners to the advanced and could be considered a must read for the Rosemaling painter.

Hallingdal Plate Magnet
Another representation of the Hallingdal style of Rosemaling adorns this porcelain magnet, by Gayle Oram.  These magnets make great gifts, maybe to inspire you or as a gift for someone that you know or maybe even add to your collection of magnets.
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Nisse Telemark Tile

The reason I call this the Nisse Telemark tile is that hidden to a degree you will find an absolutely darling Nisse figure peering out of the design.  It will bring a smile to all that find this along with other creatures that blend into the Telemark style of Rosemaling.

Os Tile

In the Hordaland district of Norway you will find the Os style of Rosemaling.  You will see geometric and Telemark elements along with the older motifs represented on this attractive tile.

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Rosemaling Note Cards

The gift of a hand written note to someone that you care about is priceless.  With the choice of 8 (eight) beautifully designed Rosemaling designs, by Gayle Oram, you surely will amaze your recipient with not only your words but by the gift of an extraordinarily beautiful card as well.


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Telemark Plate Magnet

Small in size but bold in design with plenty of color and detail, these are just a few words that give grace to this porcelain plate magnet.  You can give a little piece of art history as this magnet represents just one of the many styles of painting that Norway is famous for.

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Trondelag Tile

Another beautiful painting portraying the Trondelag style of Rosemaling is well represented on this tile by Gayle Oram.  In the southern mountains of Trondelag, Norway there is a municipality called Oppdal and this is where this style of Rosemaling comes from.


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