Large Round Tine

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What can be more fascinating than the Norwegian bentwood box, also known as the Tine - pronounced “Teen-Ah.”  There are many uses for these boxes such as, butter and cheese containers and even lunch boxes.  With these and so many other uses I bet you can come up with a unique idea that will make this an heirloom piece…so get started now!

The tine can be easily opened when gentle pressure is applied to the side posts and the lid is lifted off.  Poplar veneer board from Italy as the sides and birch plywood along with poplar hardwoods and copper tacks were used to produce this fine box.

The overall dimensions are 12-1/4”w at its widest point x 6-1/2”tall; the box measures 8-1/2” dia. X 3-1/2” deep.


Price: $59.00
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