Norsk Catch-All

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This was a fun piece to build and it keeps the purpose of the catch-all.  It was named “Norsk” because it reminded us of Norway’s early explorers.  The top curves have a resemblance to a helmet with horns protruding to the side, just above strong and powerful shoulders.


Being both bold with delicate curves and a wonderful round finial this piece will provide an excellent palette and you will have a lot of fun personalizing this item.


The bowl is made of the finest poplar hardwood, the back is alder hardwood and a keyhole slot in the back makes hanging your heirloom a breeze.


The overall dimensions are 9”w x 15-3/4”h x 3-3/4”d
The overall dimensions are 8-1/2” dia. X 2-3/4” tall,
The bowl is approximately 5” dia. x 2” deep

 Note: the overall dimensions will change slightly due to bowl sizes.


Price: $54.00

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