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David Prenoslo

"The “mangletre” was the forerunner of the modern iron. Clothes and other textiles were wrapped around a cylinder or rolling pin and the mangletre was used to smooth out the creases in the fabric.

Often ornately carved, a mangletre was a traditional betrothal gift from a young man to his future bride – he would leave it outside her door and if she brought it into the house it was a sign that she accepted him as a suitor.

This mangletre was carved by David Prenoslo for his lovely wife Alanna and she (thankfully) brought it inside on their wedding day, August 29th, 2009 in Oliver, British Columbia.

The carved horse is a common theme in many traditional mangletrær and the intertwined pattern was inspired by the “gripping beasts” depicted in many ancient Viking wood carvings."  D.P.


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